Week of September 28

Jog-a thon Wednesday: Looking forward to a safe, 6 feet apart, jog-a-thon on Wednesday. Due to the timing of our events we will not have class in the afternoon.

12:30- 1:00 Nico-Mia-Lia-Maliyah-Marlo-Kieran-Lila-Maddy-Stella-Hudson-Jax

1:00-1:30 Sophie-Jack-Grace-Lizah-Lily-Sofia-Clara-Caelan-Xavier-Marin-Johnny

1:30-2:00  Nicolas-Alice-Thane-Adam-Mila-Mae

Math: Fourth Graders are now using the ZEARN curriculum. The class will have teacher instructed lessons daily and three independent Zearn lessons weekly.  All lessons are done during math class. If students need time to finish math, they are able to during Independent Work time.

Reading: This week we finish our novel study of Bunnicula. Student will show their comprehension of the novel in 3 ways: a comprehension matching quiz, a short answer quiz, and completing and sharing with their classmates a final project of their choice.

Writing:  This multi-week unit was designed to meet all of the Common Core narrative writing standards. By the end of the unit, all students will have completed at least one piece of writing through the entire writing process and formally publish that piece of writing.  The majority of work in this unit will be completed in their writing composition books.  Students will be opportunities to share their work along the way. We sent home a packet of graphic organizers during our Meet and Greet

Social Studies: Monday we will discuss Hispanic Heritage Month. We begin our unit on Washington State with a study of symbols related to our state.

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