April 27- May 1st

Monday and Friday are whole group Meets at 10 am

Our small group sessions continue this week at your sign up times 9, 10, 11. If you miss your time you may join another.

This week in 4th grade.

Religion: Parents will be teaching the Safe Environment lesson I emailed home. Plus we will begin our unit on MARY.

Math: We are just flipping from whole numbers to improper fractions and now going from improper fractions to whole numbers. Be sure to watch the video from Miss Gudaitis.

Reading: Skill: Characters- Students will begin their Character Book Report

Writing: Lots of fun narrative paragraph writing this week.

Social Studies: The Constitution and Three Branches of the Government

Science: Rock Investigation. On Friday there is a science experiment that I highly recommend. Parent help will be needed.


April 20

I hope you all enjoyed a restful spring break.

This week in 4th grade: All are posted in our google classroom

MEETS: Students will meet as a whole class on Monday and Friday at 10 am

Small group meets will take place Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9, 10, and 11 for small group instruction.

Spanish meet: Señora Blanca will Meet with students on Tuesday at 12:30

Religion: Kindness

Math: Improper Fractions “starring Miss Gudaitis” plus two days of spiral review

Reading: Skill Character and Traits

Writing: A compare contrast paragraph

Social Studies: Washington State

Science: Changing Earth:  Layers of time

Remember to check out specialists pages.

And so much more!



Holy Week: Let’s Walk Together

On Friday you are invited to pray along with the Stations of the Cross as a family. The link is on our google classroom page and here 

This week in REMOTE AND DISTANT Learning students will find all activities on our Google Classroom page

Religion: Activities for the week focus on Holy Week.

Read: ACHIEVE and reading for pleasure

Math: Students will use XTRAMATH or Prodigy to strengthen their mastery of facts.

Science: Changing Earth:  Earthquakes and Mountains

Social Studies: Earning a Living