May 3rd

Miss Roberge will be teaching the class the next two weeks as a part of her student teaching internship. I look forward to working with her and learning a few new teacher tricks.

This week in academics

Religion:The Rosary. We will celebrate the Crowning of Mary with a decade of the Rosary

Math: Geometric Measurement: understand concepts of angle and measure angles

Reading: Respond to the novel Front Desk in a variety of ways.

Science: The EYE

and so much more!!!!

Week of April 26

It was great seeing the students in person!

Academics for the week

Religion: 10 Commandments

Math: Geometry: Angles, lines, and symmetry

Reading/Writing: Poetry- Plus novel study Front Desk 

Social Studies: Finish Oregon Trail

Science: Eyes: Structure and function


Holy Week

As we begin our journey through Holy Week I want to share a message from CRS Rice Bowl that touched my heart.

We must always remember that Holy Week gives way to Easter; the fast turns into a feast. God wins the day. As we prepare to celebrate Easter joy, it is our responsibility as members of God’s one human family to share that joy with everyone, near and far.

Reminders and Events

  • Rice Bowls:If your family utilized the Rice Bowl during Lent, I ask that you return it to school by  Thursday.
  • Wednesday:We will stream the School Musical in the afternoon. I hear it is amazing!
  • Friday:Half Day. Noon on-line dismissal- Stations of the Cross via parish Facebook page
  • Spring BreakFriday, April 3rd– Monday,April 15th

This week in Academics

Religion:Holy Week:

Math:Multiply Fractions by Whole NumbersThe class will take the Chapter 7 test on Tuesday and have. a quiz on new material Thursday.

Reading:Both informational text and literature skill practice

Social Studies:Oregon Trail

Writing: Journal writing connected to Oregon Trail

Science:Investigating Rocks/Volcanos