Week of September 28

Jog-a thon Wednesday: Looking forward to a safe, 6 feet apart, jog-a-thon on Wednesday. Due to the timing of our events we will not have class in the afternoon.

12:30- 1:00 Nico-Mia-Lia-Maliyah-Marlo-Kieran-Lila-Maddy-Stella-Hudson-Jax

1:00-1:30 Sophie-Jack-Grace-Lizah-Lily-Sofia-Clara-Caelan-Xavier-Marin-Johnny

1:30-2:00  Nicolas-Alice-Thane-Adam-Mila-Mae

Math: Fourth Graders are now using the ZEARN curriculum. The class will have teacher instructed lessons daily and three independent Zearn lessons weekly.  All lessons are done during math class. If students need time to finish math, they are able to during Independent Work time.

Reading: This week we finish our novel study of Bunnicula. Student will show their comprehension of the novel in 3 ways: a comprehension matching quiz, a short answer quiz, and completing and sharing with their classmates a final project of their choice.

Writing:  This multi-week unit was designed to meet all of the Common Core narrative writing standards. By the end of the unit, all students will have completed at least one piece of writing through the entire writing process and formally publish that piece of writing.  The majority of work in this unit will be completed in their writing composition books.  Students will be opportunities to share their work along the way. We sent home a packet of graphic organizers during our Meet and Greet

Social Studies: Monday we will discuss Hispanic Heritage Month. We begin our unit on Washington State with a study of symbols related to our state.

September 21-25

We had another great week in 4th grade. Thank you for your collaboration on the MAP testing this week. I really appreciate your support as parent proctors, thank you! I will communicate test results with you once I have them.

Math:  From Ms. Martin Students will read and write multi-digit whole numbers using expanded, standard and word form and study place value. They will continue to look at math with a growth mindset using math tasks

 Reading: We will continue our novel study of Bunnicula. A novel study is the process of reading (studying) a text together. I am reading aloud Bunnicula and modeling many reading strategies. Students are using this text to practice comprehension, and other concepts like cause/effect, summarizing, making inferences, and so much more.

Social Studies: In preparation for using our social studies text for our study of Washington State the students will be learning about text features.

Religion: We will continue to build community and work together for the common good.

Vocabulary: Students will be introduced to the root “un” and given a set of vocabulary words to practice for the week.

Writing: Our focus will be on expanding sentences and writing solid narrative paragraphs. They will have 3 practice paragraphs during the week and will choose their favorite to edit and turn in on Friday. Turn in can happen in two ways. 1. Google docs- students who feel confident with using google docs  may use the document I provide and submit it through google classroom. 2. Students may write a final copy in their writing notebook, take a picture of it, and submit it via email.

Art begins this week for our students on Wednesday, morning from 9:15-10.

Reminders from Newsviews


Tuesday, September 22

Grades 3-5, Virtual Town Hall, 4-5pm

Thursday, September 24

Middle School, Virtual Town Hall, 4-5pm

Monday, September 28 – Friday, October 2

September 14-18


The students are showing great skill and patience using the google classroom and technology. Thanks for setting up their home working environments.

*I hope you had a chance to look over the Friday Email about MAP testing and have had a chance to test your at-home technology for compatibility.

 *This week we will follow our schedule with Tuesday and Thursday being the exceptions due to MAP testing. Thanks again for your flexibility.

 *Attached you will find a flyer from Mrs. Jang, art teacher. Please note that you may email her for supply pick-up.

*Let’s Shoot for the Stars and have Fun! The St. John School Jog-a-thon presented by Atlas Construction Specialties will take place the week ofSeptember 28 – October 2!Students in Pre-K through 8th grade are encouraged to participate in this important fundraiser. Rain or shine, students will run/walk a course in and around campus at a scheduled time during the week of September 28 – October 2


Welcome Fourth Grade Families,

I am excited to see you at Meet and Greet sometime next week.  School officially begins Tuesday, September 8th at 8:30 am.

We look forward to working with you to support your child during Fourth Grade. Ms. Martin, Mrs. Morris and I are the Fourth Grade Team. I am your child’s homeroom teacher and will work with my class on Reading, Writing, Religion, Social Studies and Science. Ms. Martin will be teaching Math to both homerooms. Mrs. Morris will support the students across all academic areas in small groups, as well as help the teachers create materials. Students will continue to have Music, PE, Art and Spanish with the Specialists. A new addition this year is a “School Counseling with Ms. Shaw Classroom” that students can access through Google Classroom.

Google Classroom will be our home base this year. Everything for our classroom will live in our Google Classroom – schedules, links, assignments, etc. When in doubt, check our Google Classroom. While the majority of our learning will be through our Google Classroom, we will communicate with parents directly through email every Sunday.

Zoom will be the platform that we will use for all of our synchronous live lessons. Each teacher will have one consistent Zoom Room. The links for these rooms will not change. The links for these Zoom Rooms are embedded in our schedule which will always live in our Google Classroom.


Your child will begin each day at 8:30am in our homeroom for attendance, Morning Meeting, and Religion. At that time, we will discuss the schedule of the day. We will end the day with closing and prayer for dismissal at 3pm. Please empower your student to be in our lessons independently.


Supply List

2 Fine Tip Sharpies

1 set of 4 expo markers any color

1 Spiral notebook for Spanish

2 Composition notebooks (Reading/Grammar and Math)

Art supplies: Crayons, markers, and colored pencils

1 Scissors

2 Glue sticks

3 Plastic Pocket folders (for when we return to school or for use to organize papers at home!)

 If you have a concern or questions that cannot be answered through Google Classroom please email me. Thank you in advance for your support and partnership.


Mrs. Mari Halley