Happy New Year 2024

During Reading we will begin the year by responding to the novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with an emphasis on theme. 

Math Division

Strong paragraphs will be our focus in writing.

Religion will focus on Empathy and Kindness. We will also spend time setting classroom goals. 

Social Studies focus for the next few weeks will be Washington State History. 

Grammar will focus on commas, especially how they occur in a series. 

Spelling will not happen this week.

December 11

  • Monday, December 11 DRESS UNIFORM – Prayer Service
  • Tuesday, December 12 Winter or Sports Team Scarf (with school uniform) 
  • Wednesday, December 13 Holiday Headwear (with school uniform)- Reconciliation 
  • Thursday, December 14 Holiday Socks Day (with school uniform) 
  • Christmas Program, Intermediate (Grs. 3-5), Egan Hall, 6:30pm 
  • Friday, December 15 Christmas Comfy Day – It’s cold! Wear something “Christmas-y” and cozy! Early Dismissal, Christmas Holidays, 12pm 


The first week of Advent is a week of Hope. This week prepares us to be people of hope and believe that darkness will not prevail, but the light of the world will overcome it. Monday mornings during Advent we will walk the students directly from the playground to the Church for all school morning prayer. The rest of the week we will meet with our department, grades 3-5 in the hallway outside of our classroom for morning prayer led by students.  Dress uniform on Friday as we celebrate The Feast of the Immaculate Conception with an all school mass.