March 30- April 3

Our Class Auction Project. THANK You STEPHANIE WADE AND PARENT HELPERS:  Take a trip down memory lane with your favorite classic children’s books. Each student in Mrs. Halley’s 4th grade class picked their favorite book and created their own book spine based off of examples or their imagination. When put together, these beautiful pieces of art creates a “bookshelf” full of beauty and nostalgia

This week in 4th grade all lessons can be found in our google classroom.

Religion: Theme: Works of Mercy

Math: Fractions

Writing: Writing a good paragraph

Science: Germs

Social Studies: World War Two

Reading: Making Inferences

Grammar: Practice


I miss seeing you all


STUDENTS: HAPPY FRIDAY. If you want you can take a picture of your favorite project from this week and send it to me. If you figure out a way to do it in google classroom go ahead! Then train me on how it is done. Otherwise you can email it to me.(that I am capable of). It is fun seeing you being silly on MEET. I will open it again today at 11:30. Below is your work for today. Add in some FUN FRIDAY!

Friday March 27

Math: Chapter 13 math project. Do xtramath and problem-solving page.

Reading: Finish Scrapbook Book Project. You will present to the class Monday.




Science: send an email to summarize what you learned from your science book and activity to your teacher.

Figurative language/Grammar: What is personification? Personification practice.

Spelling Vocab: have someone at home quiz you


Students: You have been doing a great job at home working on a lot of different types of school activities. I ask that you always try your best and say “thank you” to your new teachers (mom, dad, grandma etc). If You want you can take your social studies ch 6 test in your google classroom. Give it a try or not
Parents: I am sure some of you are getting a good giggle listening to our daily MEET time 11:30-12. I am. It is good to see their smiling faces and hear them talking over one another (reminds me of class math time). YOU HAVE BEEN AMAZING TEACHERS! I can’t thank you enough. Today is more of the same! ENJOY!

Thursday March 26

Math: Chapter 13 math project. Do xtramath and problem-solving page.


Reading: Continue reading novel and work on Scrapbook Book Project.


Achieve: Do an achieve article of choice. Make sure to get 75 or higher on activity doing the activity.


Social Studies: Refer to the text to answer the questions for Chapter 6 Test. You can take this in your google classroom if you want and still look at your book.


Science: Continue work on your science activity.


Figurative language/Grammar: What is Hyperbole? Finish the Hyperbole

Spelling Vocab: study your words

Tuesday’s Distance Learning

Good Morning 4th graders! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARIA ELENA LAST SUNDAY! I hope today is a great day for you. It has been fun seeing so many of you on our MEET from 11:30-12. Today be prepared with a joke to share (one at a time!, 3 guesses then we will hear the answer. I will call on students to tell their jokes. There will also be time for you to talk to each other. Remember, you can mute your microphone if it gets loud at your house. Let me know if you are in need of any materials.
Tuesday March 24
Religion: Work on a Beatitude

Math: Chapter 13 math project. Do xtramath and problem-solving page.

Reading: Continue reading novel and work on Scrapbook Book Project.

Achieve: Do an achieve article of choice. Make sure to get 75 or higher on activity doing the activity.

Social Studies: Chapter 6. Read Pages 133- 139. Answer Memory Master questions on page 139. Write answers in complete sentences in your composition notebook. Date and title this Memory Master questions page 139.

Science: Make flashcards for the vocabulary in the science book. Find vocabulary in the glossary.

Figurative language/Grammar: Do Metaphor sheets.

Spelling Vocab: study your words

Spanish: Check Señora Blanca’s webpage