Week of October 19 -23


The Fourth Grade team is assembling educational activities for your students to use at home for both on-line and off-line activities.  Math, reading, writing and science projects are being prepared. Mostly everything the students need will be provided. We ask that you have tape (scotch and masking), glue sticks and scissors.  Please note the science materials contain some treats that are needed for experiments. Please remind your student not to eat the treats! (YET) We will begin using these items October 27.  Designated pick up times will be this Thursday and Friday. You will be alerted to the pick-up times via email very soon! We are flexible and will be sure to make the pick-up easy. I am happy to hand off the materials to siblings who are on campus.

Day of the Dead A meaningful tradition in Fourth Grade is lead by Senora Blanca. El dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a uniquely Indo-Hispanic custom that demonstrates a strong sense of love and respect for one’s ancestors. The Day of the Dead is not a sad day. It is a celebration of the continuance of life, family relationships, community solidarity.  Information from Senora will be in a letter attached to the parent email.

This Week’s Curriculum

Religion: We will continue to talk about Mary. We focus on her compassion, and strength.

Math: Students will work on multistep words problems using multi-digit subtraction, addition and place value understanding. Also, we will continue to perfect fluency with math facts.

Reading: More main idea and supporting details. Plus the students will be rehearsing a Halloween Readers’ Theater.

Writing: Finishing up personal narratives. Students who have finished will be writing Halloween stories.

Grammar: Adverbs

Social Studies: Geographical Regions of Washington State

 Heads up on Spanish Materials for Monday: Students were told this last week 

Papel Picado Banners: Monday 10/19

2 sheets of tissue paper, any color.

1 sheet of white paper


Some yarn or ribbon, any color.


Weekly News October 12-15

 Here’s to another great week!

First a few IMPORTANT messages

Monday’s Schedule: We will begin school as usual at 8:30 Monday and at 9:10 I will send the students off for our all school liturgy. They will return to math with Ms. Martin at 10:15.Virtual All School Mass, live-streamed on the St. John Parish FB page, 9:15 am

Progress Reports: We will mail home on Friday the following items: progress report, MAP test scores, and Achieve Level Set. I will be available to discuss these during conferences which are scheduled for Monday, October 26 and Friday, October 30. A sign-up Genius will be sent out through the school for parent/teacher/student conferences in NewsViews.

SAFE ENVIRONMENT According to Archdiocesan policy I will teach the Safe Environment lesson to the students on Thursday from 1:00 to 1:45. The topic: Boundaries: You Have Rights.  An opt out form is attached to the email.

Halloween: I plan on having a virtual Halloween celebration on Thursday, October 29th. The students may come to on-line school in costume!

Friday: NO SCHOOL for students

Math: Students will use place value understanding to round multi-digit numbers using real world applications, add multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm, solve word problems and work on a collaborative math activity.

Religion: According to Archdiocesan policy I will teach the Safe Environment lesson to the students on Thursday from 1:00 to 1:45. The topic: Boundaries: You Have Rights.  An opt out form is attached to this email.

Reading: We will continue our quest to determine main ideas and supporting details in both fiction and non-fiction.

Social Studies: We will read about Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest.

Writing: Students have chosen a topic for their personal narrative and will continue writing, revising, and editing.


Grammar: Relative pronouns.



  • Monday, October 12 
    • Dress Uniform
    • Virtual All School Mass, live-streamed on the  John Parish FBpage, 9:15 am
  • October 14
    • Progress Reports, Grades 4-8
  • October 16
    • School not in Session
    • Teacher Education Day


















Thank you for your continued support as we travel this unique fourth grade year together.

The students are doing excellent work on line by sharing new knowledge in large and smaller breakout room groups. Let your student know we are so pleased with their progress!

Remember: if you have a working at home picture you want to share please send them to Jonna Skokan at jskokan@st-johnschool.org


Academics this week:

Religion: October is the month of the Rosary. We take time daily to ask Mary for strength and guidance. Here is a video refresher of the Rosary


Math: Big Concept this week: Use place value understanding to round multi-digit numbers to any place value. We continue fluency practice of basic facts. Please work with your student 10 minutes a day on math facts and if time play games that require logical reasoning or math understanding.


Reading: Students will wrap up our novel study of Bunnicula by sharing their book report projects with classmates. Our focus for the week will be on reading, comprehending, and responding to non-fiction. Our topic focus is Hispanic Heritage Month.


Social Studies:  Students will share their “Washington State Symbols” project. The class will read and discuss parts of chapter 1 from the Washington Adventure Book.


Writing: Our young authors will learn how to write a strong lead this week to hook the reader’s attention. We use mentor texts and give plenty of free write time.


Important News to Note:


Week of September 28

Jog-a thon Wednesday: Looking forward to a safe, 6 feet apart, jog-a-thon on Wednesday. Due to the timing of our events we will not have class in the afternoon.

12:30- 1:00 Nico-Mia-Lia-Maliyah-Marlo-Kieran-Lila-Maddy-Stella-Hudson-Jax

1:00-1:30 Sophie-Jack-Grace-Lizah-Lily-Sofia-Clara-Caelan-Xavier-Marin-Johnny

1:30-2:00  Nicolas-Alice-Thane-Adam-Mila-Mae

Math: Fourth Graders are now using the ZEARN curriculum. The class will have teacher instructed lessons daily and three independent Zearn lessons weekly.  All lessons are done during math class. If students need time to finish math, they are able to during Independent Work time.

Reading: This week we finish our novel study of Bunnicula. Student will show their comprehension of the novel in 3 ways: a comprehension matching quiz, a short answer quiz, and completing and sharing with their classmates a final project of their choice.

Writing:  This multi-week unit was designed to meet all of the Common Core narrative writing standards. By the end of the unit, all students will have completed at least one piece of writing through the entire writing process and formally publish that piece of writing.  The majority of work in this unit will be completed in their writing composition books.  Students will be opportunities to share their work along the way. We sent home a packet of graphic organizers during our Meet and Greet

Social Studies: Monday we will discuss Hispanic Heritage Month. We begin our unit on Washington State with a study of symbols related to our state.