September 30

Hard to believe it is October already. The days are getting colder and wetter. Remind your student to bring a coat to school.

Last week we used the Makerspace in the portables for our STEM unit on saving Fred the worm. Students generated ideas, evaluated their plan, and revised for success. We will continue to “Save Fred” this week with two more problems for them to solve.

Grades: As grades are being entered into Powerschool Gradebook please be aware that most of these are POINT based and NOT percentage based. The final grade will be based on ALL the points together with larger projects/assessments included.


MAP testing continues on Monday and Wednesday with makeup tests on Friday.

Religion: Pray for and be introduced to the student that both 4th grade classes will sponsor this year.

Math: Students will finish chapter 1 on place value. The chapter test will be coming home for you to sign mid week.

Reading: Readers will continue the focus on reading non fiction for the purpose of comparing and contrasting.

Spelling: Remember to study the meaning of the root, the spelling of the word, and the meaning of the word.

Writing: Writers are continuing to write and revise a personal narrative.

Social Studies: Stamp projects are complete and on display in the classroom. We will begin to use our Washington State History book to gather information about our state.

PARENT ART: We have a parent art project planned for Friday afternoon. THANKS!





September 23-27

Great Jog-A-Thon! 4th graders showed support and ran with their buddies then completed their own runs around the block.

This week in 4th grade….

Reminders: MAP testing on Wednesday and Friday. Eat a good breakfast.  Bring in headphones to leave at school. Scholastic Book orders due Wednesday (see side bar on the left for details).

Religion: We will pray for those in need. Focus topic will be Fruit of the Spirit and how they help us to be disciples of Jesus.

Reading: Students will read non-fiction related to Hispanic History Month. They will compare and contrast two people they have read about.

Writing: Students will continue to work on their own personal narratives by narrowing down a topic to a “moment in time”.

Math: Continuing to review and work on place value and using place value to round and estimate. Chapter Test coming soon then we move on to multi-digit multiplication.

Grammar: Focus will be on using relative pronouns who, whose, whom, which, and that.

Homework: Spelling has been added relating to the roots we have studied. Practice at home is essential to success.

Social Studies: Students are working on (some have completed) a Stamp Project about Washington State symbols.


September 16-20

It was great seeing so many of you at Curriculum Night. If you were unable to attend I am sending home the notes in your student’s homework folder.

Reading: Our reading focus will be on reading and responding to non-fiction using articles related to Hispanic Heritage Month.

Writing:We will begin our 6 week Personal Narrative writing unit

Math: Chapter 1: Place value, addition and subtraction to one million is the focus.    When applicable the math book will be sent home for homework. Please remind your child to put it back in their homework when finished.

Religion: We will learn how to live as a disciple of Jesus by continuing with the cardinal virtues and adding the Fruit of the Spirit words to our vocabulary and daily actions.

Science: We will revisit our STEM project on learning from mistakes and take what we learned to create a more efficient broom and dust pan.

Social Studies: The Washington Adventure book will be introduced to the class this week

Friday is the Jog-a-thon. Keep those pledges coming. Dress for running. Thanks to all who have volunteered to help with this event.


Today we worked on GROUP skills while doing a STEM project. The students worked by themselves and then shared their ideas with their group to create the longest paper chain using only scissors, 2 pieces of paper, 1 foot of masking tape, and a ruler.