November 9-13

I let the students take the lead last week on discussing the results of the presidential election.  This week we will have some discussions on President Elect Joe Biden and the historic significance of our first female Vice President Kamala Harris. This is a curious group who has been on pins and needles awaiting the outcome of the election!

Please note that this week we have Wednesday off of school. This day is to honor our Veterans. It is timely and important for us to remember that Veterans Day honors all of those who have served the country in war or peace. As a class we will learn the meaning of this day of remembrance.


Math: The standard we will cover is 4.MD.1 and 2.: Know relative sizes of measurement units within one system of units including km, m, cm; kg, g; lb, oz.; l, ml; hr, min, sec. For example, know that 1 ft is 12 times as long as 1 in. Express the length of a 4 ft snake as 48 in. 

Reading: We will continue our novel study of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with emphasis on character development. This week I we will also discuss the importance of independent reading time outside of school hours.

Writing: Opinion writing is our focus. Students will be taught the difference between an opinion and a fact. We will illustrate how to fact check and support opinions with credible evidence. We will tie in respecting a variety of opinions using a would you rather format.

Social Studies: Veterans Day discussion

Science: We will continue our Science Unit on Engineering and

Items to Note from NewsViews:

  • Wednesday, November 11, Veterans Day
    • School not in session
    • Mass, honoring our Veterans, live-streamedfrom the St. John Parish FB page, 3pm
  • Sunday, November 15
  • Friday, November 20
    • Remote Learners Student Portraits(remote learners are allowed free dress that is appropriate for portraiture)
    • On going Food Drive. Drop off items at Hot Lunch Pick up. Non-glass items please


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